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Lucy Lajara sitted in front of the house she is constructing

“So many people may interfere with your leadership dreams or goals, tune off your ears to gossips, have land, build your own house, UWEP is a very good initiative for us women.” – Lucy Lajara Oryang

Lucy Lajara Oryang is a woman with physical disability aged 39 years old. She comes from Pandwong Division in Kitgum District. She is the Secretary for Kitgum District Association of Women with Disabilities.

Before NUWODU started the UN Women funded program, she had low self-esteem, feared to speak up in public or approach the District for inclusion in government programs.

The training she attended raised her confidence; she can ask questions during trainings and even requested for a loan under the Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP).

She has come to realise that women with disabilities deserve respect both at home and from their marriage partners. She says, “she has learnt about rights like access to land by women with disabilities, importance of having a legal marriage and government programs like UWEP.”

Lucy is also reaping big from the loan she got under UWEP that enabled her to start up a charcoal business and complete her house.

She encourages women with disabilities to exercise their rights and to be focused on their future dreams.

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