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Gender mainstreaming and advocacy remain NUWODU’s central approaches, through which the organization will continue to advocate for the rights of GWWDs and to further promote their livelihoods by building their leadership and entrepreneurship capacities, and in starting micro businesses.  NUWODU also plans to put more emphasis on control and access to resources by women with disabilities especially land as an essential resource.  This strategic focal area specifically draws from article 6 of CRPD that recognizes girls and women with disabilities to be subjects of multiple-discrimination, and thus promotes the full and equal enjoyment by them of all human rights and freedoms.  The article strongly calls on governments to ensure appropriate measures that guarantee the development and empowerment of GWWDs to allow them exercise and enjoy all human rights, including that of participation in development processes.

NUWODU currently runs the following projects under Gender and Women Empowerment

Project Title: WAVE- women’s Advocacy for Voice and Empowerment

Project goal: To strengthen the participation of diverse marginalized women in the women’s movement.

Project Objectives:

  • Women enjoy equal influence in decisions and ability to exercise political power.
  • strengthening the diverse voices within the women rights movement through strengthening the critical platform of the Feminist Forum
  • Opening spaces for women’s rights organisations (WROs) in Uganda in parallel with a denial of human rights and shrinking space for civil society.

Project Title: Reducing violence Against Women and Girls with Disabilities

Project goal: To increase awareness and Knowledge on the Rights and Legal framework that protect Girls and Women with Disabilities among Local leaders, community, family and Girls and Women with Disabilities themselves.

Project Objectives:

  • To improve the capacity of 450 Girls and Women with Disabilities to protect their rights and prevent family and community perpetuated violence against them by 2021
  • To increase family and community awareness, acceptance and commitment to promote and protect the rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities in Amuria district

Project Title:  Improving the livelihoods of 1500 house holds by 2019

Project goal: Strengthened capacity of NUWODU, Women and Girls with Disabilities to lobby and advocate access to land for production.

Project Objectives:

  • Improved leadership and governance skills through building the capacity of women and girls with disability.
  • Improved awareness on the rights of Women and girls with Disabilities to access land for production.

Project Title: People Led Livelihoods

Project goal: To deliver a social and economic integrated programme for mixed groups of disabled people and non-disabled people to provide an opportunity to learn how to mainstream disability inclusion.

Project Objectives: 

  • 750 vulnerable families and disabled people (4500 people) living in Amuru district of Northern Uganda will increase their nutrition, livelihoods and social engagement.
  • raise awareness of disability related issues within the targeted community.

Project Title: Supporting Ugandan Women With Disabilities Attain Land Rights & Livelihoods

Project goal: The overall goal of the project is improved access, control and utilization of land by women with disabilities in Uganda.

Project Objectives:

  • To increase the security and ownership over land by girls and women with disabilities
  • To advance Girls and women with disabilities realization of social and economic justice by year 2020
  • To enhance livelihoods and resilience of women with disabilities living in extreme poverty by year 2020

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