Agriculture is not only the national economic activity but also the main economic activity for women and girls with disabilities. Even though the preventive measures of COVID19 affected the economic activities of women and girls with disabilities, NUWODU was able to register a few successes in this thematic area.

Projects implemented under this theme include:


BRAC, in partnership with Humanity and Inclusion, and NUWODU is implementing the Disability Inclusive Graduation approach project in the four districts of Gulu, Oyam, Kiryandong and Nwoya. This project aims to apprise a wider global partnership to test, replicate, adapt and scale contextually appropriate models for disability inclusive Graduation in ultra-poor communities.

Achievements of activities implemented

  • General assemblies held and 3 Associations of Women with Disabilities formed upon election of 27 women leaders for three districts.
  • A capacity development plan developed and 2 capacity building sessions for 28 Disabled People’s Organizations have been conducted. This reached out to 104 (55M ,49F) in the second session and 98 (41f and 57m).
  • 77 participants from Disabled People’s Organizations trained in Village Savings and Loan Associations, and financial literacy. These were attended by 32 (F), 49(M), and 69 had a disability.
  • 379 village leaders in the four districts sensitized on disability inclusion.


in partnership with Send a Cow Uganda, the Amuru Disability Mainstreaming Project was implemented in Amuru district with the intention of increasing food security, livelihoods, and social engagement directly for 300 vulnerable families and people with disabilities in Amuru district of Northern Uganda. The project also provided partners the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in disability inclusion and mainstreaming.

Achievements of activities implemented

  • Improved reporting cases on right violation of person with disabilities right due to increased household awareness on the right of person with disabilities through Sensitization of community leaders and community members. 
  • 79 Community Members were able to know their HIV and AIDS status through voluntary testing and counselling.
  • A total of 116 PWDs/Vulnerable and families have benefited from the Medical Assessment.
  • improved full engagement of person with disabilities in joint planning and sharing of roles within the community by taking up community leadership as sub-county Counselor for person with disabilities.
  • Improvement on services such as family planning, voluntary counseling and testing and food supplement because of collaboration and partnership with health families in Pabbo health centre III and Action Aid respectively
  • Establishment of associations of women and girls with disabilities in Amuru and trained peer-educators to ease linkages with services providers and community on issues of persons with disabilities.
  • Changed attitudes and practices of partner organisations towards disability inclusion seen through the adaptation of tools and technologies that are more appropriate and sensitive to the specific needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Greater awareness about inclusion of person with disabilities as demonstrated during COVID -19 task force representation and consultation on issues of person with disabilities by others.


NUWODU in partnership with Send a cow Uganda implemented AWDA in the four districts of Kaliro, Luuka, Kamuli and Buyende. This project aimed to empower women and girls with disabilities for growth and self-advocacy in the districts and agricultural activities.

Achievements of activities implemented

  • Formation of the District Associations in all the 4 districts; Kaliro, Buyende, Kamuli and Luuka thus increasing NUWODU membership by two.
  • Empowerment of the Executive Committees to lobby, advocate organize and register women and girls with disabilities in the communities into groups.
  • Representation and participation of women and girls with disabilities at national and district celebrations of International Days.
  • Participation of women and girls with disabilities in the Sixteen (16) days of GBV activism where Kamuli district offered free airtime on Ssebo FM.
  • Access to government programmes.

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