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Ms. Alinda Juliet tending to her hens

I am Ms. Alinda Juliet 49 with physical disability, married and a mother of 7 children in Omoro district, Lakwana Sub County, Lujorongole Parish, Lagwedola village. NUWODU has really uplifted our status as WWDs.

One day, NUWODU invited community leaders and women with disabilities for sensitization at the sub county. My friend told me about NUWODU being an organization of women with disabilities. I was excited and convinced one other woman with a disability to go to the sub county and listen. We were told about NUWODU, the project interested in working with women with disabilities, available government programs, their guidelines and encouraged to organize ourselves into groups.

On return, I shared the learning with others and mobilized 2 groups of over 100 people and everybody wanted to join the group. I then invited NUWODU staff to visit us and they sensitized us about our rights, disability, and the types, and how to initiate a project we can manage. We decided on 2 groups Lubanga Lakisa which I chair and Gen-rwot. We contributed 2 chicks, constructed a poultry house and cultivated groundnuts. We have 70 hens and 5 bags of groundnuts.

NUWODU also trained us on liquid soap making and connected us to Opportunity Bank. 15 of the members have opened bank accounts for agriculture loan of up to UGX 800,000/= each as we registered at the district to access a VSLA group loan from the same bank.

During political campaigns, I was identified to represent PWDs at the sub county level. I am proud to be a WWD. once we are sworn-in, I will ensure all women and girls with disabilities in the sub county are mobilized into project groups.

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