Inspiring Model Groups

Juliet Alinda showing off her poultry farm

Juliet Alinda, a woman with a physical disability went back to her parish of Lujorongole and put to use the skills learned from an activity intended to strengthen the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) Articles 6 and 27. She started  a massive mobilisation drive to form groups of women and girls with disabilities, care givers and willing men with disabilities.

She registered an overwhelming turn-up and went ahead to form 5 groups which she helped draft the constitution and registration with the Sub-County Authority. The 5 groups have since engaged in income generating activities such as piggery, ground nut growing and poultry keeping.

Alinda further applied her newly acquired resource mobilisation skills by tasking each group member to provide a basin full of ground nut seeds for the ground nut garden that is now ready to weed. Members involved in piggery farming agreed to part with some of their savings in the VSLA to buy piglets and as luck would have it, it did not take them long to sow as one pig farrowed 6 piglets and increased on the number of pigs in their pig pen.

With this much success under her belt, model groups like Alinda’s have since inspired other dormant groups to start up group owned projects alongside VSLAs.

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