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My experience at NUWODU as an intern has provided me with numerous opportunities to be involved with diverse people and situations, make mistakes, learn from them, and teach those around what I have learned.

I supported different departments of the organization and got engrossed in providing secretarial and administration duties whenever the need arose, communication and public speaking through different meetings both internal and external, workshops, trainings and so many others. The communications department was particularly of interest because I learned article writing and what is involved in compiling newsletters since I worked closely with the Information and Technology Assistant.

Field work was such a noteworthy experience because it opened my eyes on the distances involved in reaching to some of NUWODU’s districts of operation. I ventured in new places in different parts of the country like Bundibugyo, Gulu, Nwoya, Masindi, Hoima, Amolatar and so many others, this was an outstanding moment for me as an intern.

Like any other person in a new place, it was not easy to get used to a new environment but with time everything seemed to be going on well with the new faces I met. It was a very good experience in social living, working, and interacting with staff members. I gained problem management skills, improved my time management skills as a professional and learnt professional conduct while at the workplace.

Before I conclude, I cannot forget to share the great time I had with girls and women with Disabilities. This proved that Girls and Women with Disabilities are people before the Disability, so as communities and families we need to support them in whichever way because they do have different abilities in their capacities.  Because of the associations and interactions with women and girls with disabilities, I have developed a passion to defend their Human rights and desire to see that they are included in different activities of the community.

Internship with NUWODU enriched my knowledge of disability and gender, exposed me to new opportunities and environments that have had a positive impact on my professional and personal development.

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