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Debla showing off her packed soya product

My name is Kijang Debla, a 51-year-old mother of one child from Abarilela sub county in Amuria district.

As a woman with a disability, I have been staying in isolation and never had the chance to meet many people.  Getting basic needs was a big problem. I could sleep hungry, and sometimes people helped me with food and water. When NUWODU put us in groups of women and girls with disabilities, I realized there were many other women with disabilities. The group started savings and we were encouraged to borrow money for assistance when we need.

I borrowed UGX 20,000/= at first because I was not sure I could pay back, bought soya, cooking oil, and packing material. I then started frying and selling soya. Now, in a month I can have a profit of UGX 100,000/=. I can buy food; clothes, and even go to hospital.

I have attended trainings on human rights and realized I was deprived of many things. Sometimes I feel bad I did not know all these. Now, I move all over my community selling soya. I have made many friends and are no longer isolated like before. I have learnt that I am a person of value, I will stand firm to speak on behalf my fellow women with disabilities. I thank NUWODU for choosing me and giving me hope. I am happy. 

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