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Namukwaya Florence poses with the goat she received from the Government Special Grant

I am Ms. Namukaya Florence, of Buchamata village,Kalyowa parish, Irongo sub county Luuka district aged 42, with physical disability, married with 9 children.  When I married, my in-laws did not like me saying their son had married a girl with leprosy. My husband left the village, we were extremely poor, and we used to work in people’s gardens to get food. When my children feel sick, I treat them with herbs. We did not have land but could work for people and are given land to use in return.

When the project came, I was hesitant because we had been registered many times, sometimes for money and the people would disappear. When we dug down the paspalum in the compound to plant vegetables, the neighbours laughed at us, saying, “disability is a curse, and the curse is permanent.” However, from the time I joined the project, my life and family has never been the same. We stopped working for people in their gardens.

I am saving weekly in the group and I am the Treasurer and Peer farmer of my group. I am proud because none of my community members has benefited from the government, but I was given a goat from the Government Special Grant.

We now have our own land, and our next plan is to improve our home, educate our younger children and buy a cow so that we can drink enough milk in the family.

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