Women with Disabilities Reap from Government Programs

Queen’s cow grazing at pasture.

Advocacy for the rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities yielded long-lasting results when a woman with disabilities from Midia sub-county benefited from the Local Government Community Driven Development Program. Queen Sunday (not real name) from Ebosu village narrated that she was a peasant farmer who grew crops to earn a living. It was the close relationship with her mother that led to their joining hands in buying other domestic animals and birds. Before NUWODU raised awareness about rights of Girls and Access to Justice and Inclusion of Women with Disabilities in Government programs, Queen said she did not know her rights until she participated in NUWODU’s trainings at sub county level. “I feel relieved that NUWODU has brought light, I did not know anything about rights, but now I know that is why I can demand for it from service providers and duty bearers unlike in the past, I did not have the esteem to face the service provider.” She expressed her happiness over the cow she got through the Government program and how she plans to use the cow to improve her standard of living.



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