We STAND with Refugees

“We Stand with Refugees” was the set theme for the 2017 World Refugee Day. A day that saw refugees from Somalia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and a handful from Rwanda join NUWODU in Nsambya to commemorate the day.
The event was attended by the High Commissioner for Refugees from the Office of the Prime Minister Mr. Kazungu. He cautioned Refugees against dealing in crimes like robbery and theft for a peaceful environment that Uganda is known for. The celebration brought together people from all races, color and origin into unity and helped refugees share experiences and the collective hope that peace may prevail in their countries of origin.
World Refugee Day is celebrated annually on the 20th of June to give recognition and show unity with refugees.

The Executive Secretary during a Facebook Live Chat at the UNDESA Offices in New York

Internationally, NUWODU exhibited its work and support to Refugee Women with Disabilities at the Conference of State Parties in New York.

The Executive Secretary shared grass root experiences of Refugee Women with Disabilities on inclusion in developmental programs as well as the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and CRPD’s response to their needs. The language of inclusion is so important that most development partners are encouraging the incorporation of disability in all sectors.




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