Land Ownership in the Face of Opposition

Ms. Florence Adong with her father Mr. Luuka during the Land Rights Advocacy session in Lira District

Two women with disabilities; Elastina Abote and Florence Adong re-counted their journey to land ownership and how it has helped them succeed financially during a rights awareness and land ownership advocacy training in Lira District.
Florence Adong– a Councilor representing Women with Disabilities in Lira District inherited land from her father Mr. Luka Laban who chose to give her personal land despite opposition from her siblings. One of her brothers felt that land should be distributed to only males not a woman let alone one with a disability.
Mr. Luka was forced to chair a meeting with the clan leaders along with relatives to find a solution to this contentious issue. The opposing brother accepted Mr. Luka’s decision after isolation from family gatherings and counseling.
Through Florence and her profitable utilization of the land; her siblings have learnt that women with disabilities are able to be as successful as abled people once barriers are removed.
Women with disabilities are usually denied land during distribution on account of their disability and sex.



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