Experiences of Women with Disabilities in Accessing Sexual Reproductive Health Services

Lilian sharing her experience in access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services in Sign Language

During training on Rights Awareness in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services; a woman with a disability shared her experience on how she was denied services because of her disability.

Lillian (not real name) was sent to deliver on the veranda by a health worker while abled expecting mothers were left inside the health center. She said that, her husband joined her on the veranda until she delivered. Lillian further revealed a different incident where she took her other child to hospital and the health worker refused to treat her. Overwhelmed with the weight of rejection, Lillian decided to report the health worker to the Sub-county chief where she was summoned. This worsened the situation in that Lillian is forced to go to a clinic and pay for services she cannot afford as the health worker refuses to treat her and her child whenever she goes to the health center.

Another participant in the training by the name of Lydia (not real name) faced a similar experience. She was chased from the health center by a health worker due to her disability. The health worker frankly told her how she couldn’t attend to her while yelling, “If you die here who will report the matter to police? Go to Pader Health center to handle your case. Women of your categories are not handled here.” In great labor pains, Lydia took a boda boda to the health center where she had previously delivered from. She was able to deliver as soon as she reached the health center.