Changing The Lives of Girls And Women With Disabilities

“The group has helped me start up a small scale business”- Kereen

Girls and Women with Disabilities were given the tools for sustainability through economic empowerment training in savings and financial management.

Kereen with her children preparing cassava for sale

Kereen, a physically disabled 45 year old woman from Nebbi district was married to Mr. Ucaki Peter who abandoned her and their children.

She was invited to the training where financial management skills like savings, group formation for the attainment of funds from banks acted as the stepping stones for financial stability. Kereen said the group not only helped her in starting up a small scale business but made borrowing money to pay for younger children’s’ fees easy.

Before the training, Kereen was helpless as her husband left her with 7 children whose welfare she couldn’t maintain due to unemployment. Together with her children; Kereen has managed to set up a thriving farm to support their livelihood.

Yenyparwoth is an 18 year old school drop-out from Nebbi district. She was brought out of fear and shame to interact with fellow girls with disabilities during a skills training in tailoring and a village savings scheme which helped kick start her small business in selling roasted groundnuts, maize and vegetables.

Yenyparwoth weeding her garden

Yenyparwoth admitted that shyness, teasing from fellow students and low self-esteem led to her dropping out  of school. She was entirely dependent on her parents until the skills training which has enabled her to live independently as she has her own money, goats and gardens. The financial independence has given her much more happiness than she could have imagined as a girl with a disability.