Paralegals Supporting Girls and Women with Disabilities

Community based volunteers knowledgeable in counseling were recruited to advocate for disability awareness within their communities and support Girls and Women with Disabilities. They worked hard to earn their trust and are the ones who guide them when it comes to seeking judicial help in times of Gender Based Violence from their spouses.

Achan, a 32 year old physically disabled woman reported that on the  15th/06/2016 around 6:47pm, while she was preparing supper, her husband Mr. Picho arrived home drunk and started hurling insults and abuses at her after finding the baby crying.

This resulted into a fight with Achan promising to report him to the local police but settled on reporting to the Paralegal who went to visit the couple’s home. The Paralegal first counseled Picho then went on to counsel them as a couple. After the couple’s counseling; Picho reformed and has long since stopped being violent towards Achan. She also keeps reminding him of her rights and the channels available to her once she feels violated.

Rosaline and her husband alongside the goat he bought her to atone for his sins 

Rosaline, a 35 year old with a physical disability reported that on the 17th /4/2015, her husband returned home at 10.20 p.m drunk and found her sleeping. He rudely woke her up to serve him food  then got angry and started abusing her. In her attempt to escape, she fell and dislocated her crippled leg. Rosaline then sent for her parents who took her to report to the paralegal who in turn reported the violence to the area Local Council.

Robert fled the scene but was later apprehended by Police who organized a meeting between the parents, LC 1 and the paralegal. Robert was asked to refund the 35000/= her parents had spent on her treatment and fined a goat for his actions. He promised never to abuse and since then; they are at peace.




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