Women In Power

Ms. Nimungu and Ms. Owiny and other female councilors pose for a photo with the LCV Chairperson Nebbi District.

Nimungu Doreen

Nimungu Doreen is a wheel chair user aged 39 years old married to a Secondary School Teacher.

Doreen attained her education from a mainstream school where she faced a lot of mockery and teasing from fellow students who wondered why she was studying yet the chances of her finding employment were zero due to her disability.

The teasing and mockery she endured as a child took a toll on her self-esteem as she became shy and fearful but it also gave her determination to complete her course in Secretarial Studies later to be employed as a Stenographer at Warr Senior Secondary School in Nebbi.

She joined the disability movement in 2004 and was elected as the Woman Representative for Nebbi District Union, appointed vice Chairperson of the Disability Council and Chairperson of Nebbi Action on People with Physical Disabilities till 2010. This background kicked off her political career as she followed it up by becoming Female Councilor Representing Persons with Disabilities – a position she has held for three terms, emerged unopposed and was appointed Secretary for Production in the District Local Government plus being the National Advisor to the NRM Chairperson Disability League since 2015.  She attributes all this to God, her determination and NUWODU for giving her the platform to live her dreams as a woman with disabilities.

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda empowered her as the Chairperson of the association. She took part in all the activities including training and radio programs which played a big role in her political career as she identified with the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights challenges faced by her electorate. This enabled her to reach many girls and women with disabilities in the program areas and beyond the sub-counties of operation.

Her plan as the Secretary of Production is to ensure that the council is disability sensitive and Persons with Disabilities participate and benefit from  all government programs, and  to work  hard, initiate projects, like SACCOS for PWD’s, as well as nurture girls and women with disabilities not to only replace her but contest for higher seats in the political environment.

Grace Owiny

A 34 year old single mother to a 7 year old boy; Grace is a wheelchair user hailing from Wadelai sub-county in the district of Nebbi.

Grace crawled to school throughout her primary education until secondary school where she acquired a wheelchair for use. She later dropped out of school in senior two due to lack of fees but luck was on her side when priests sponsored her education to the completion of senior four.

In 2004, Grace joined the disability movement to represent her district Nebbi at national level, the NUDIPU general assembly and, went on to become the General Secretary of Nebbi Association for Women with Disabilities in 2013. This laid the ground work for her political career in 2005 where she competed for the female seat at Nebbi Town Council and emerged unopposed as the elected Chairperson Social Services. A role she served for two terms while pursuing a certificate in Public Administration and Management as well as a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration.

With a truly thriving and prosperous career in politics; Grace puts her all success on NUWODU for empowering her as a woman with disabilities and turning her into an advocate for Persons with Disabilities rights in particular women and girls with disabilities whom she hopes to nurture into leaders.




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