Rights Awareness


Paska holding onto the goat she is raring along with the ducks.


“I thought the father of my first two daughters was doing me a favor by loving me.”

Paska Anobe is a 39 year old illiterate mother of four children. A dweller of Ogwele East Village in Pakwinyo parish, a sub-county of Wadelai in Nebbi district, like so many women with disabilities; thought the father of her two daughters was doing her a favor in loving her, not knowing that she too had rights in regards to choosing a life partner of her own choice.

With the help of National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda and the paralegals at the district; Paska along with other women with disabilities was given skills in entrepreneurship, rights awareness, hygiene, family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention. The training enabled her to interact with fellow women with disabilities and enriched her knowledge on the various types of disability.


Paska’s partner carrying one of their children as Paska goes around her duties.


The interaction with fellow women with disabilities led to the birth of a savings group through which Paska gained confidence as an administrator. From the savings group; she was able to buy a pair of ducks which she sold after multiplying to purchase a goat. Her farm now has a total of twelve ducks and three goats.

Paska later fell in love with a fisherman who she introduced to her parents after testing for HIV/AIDS. They moved in together and as a couple; plan invest in cotton, educate their children and build a permanent house.



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