A Helping Hand

Akello outside the hut she constructed with the help of the Savings Group

Akello Betty is a 35 year old woman from Ojigo East village Mutir Parish, Wadelai Sub county Nebbi District. She studied up to senior 2 and became one of the several recruits of National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda to act as paralegals in the district of Nebbi.

Her role as a paralegal was to support girls and women with disabilities at the sub-county level to mobilize, counsel, refer and attend many trainings both in Kampala, district sub county and parish level on rights, counseling, HIV/AIDS, girls with disabilities out of school and entrepreneurship. She worked closely with the health workers, sub county leaders, police and the Local Advocates in addressing the sexual and reproductive health rights of girls and women with disabilities.

National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda was instrumental in her empowerment as she is well known in the sub-county to the point of being consulted on by the police on the Sexual Health Reproductive Health Rights cases involving girls and women with disabilities.

She is the chairperson of Diko-Tam a women with disabilities savings group where she borrows money when the need arise.

In the beginning; women with disabilities were afraid to manage a savings group but are now reaping from the group. The initiative encouraged girls and women with disabilities to start thinking outside the box and work under her tutelage.

On a personal level, Betty sold roasted groundnut seeds, invested in simsim which all enabled her to save weekly. She saved enough to buy a cow and later plans to move out of her parents’ home by constructing her own hut.



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