A Word From Our Volunteer

Molly Ongoza a deaf volunteer holding a conversation with NUWODU staff members

I am Molly Ongoza, a deaf woman with disability and volunteer with NUWODU. I would like to thank the organisation for its volunteer-ship policy that empowers girls and women with disabilities.
I dreamt of being a volunteer for an organisation working with persons with disabilities and NUWODU gave me the opportunity to live my dream.

Through volunteer-ship; I participated in several meetings, made field visits to NUWODU’s districts of operation where I met and made friendships with fellow girls and women with disabilities. These field visits broadened my knowledge on skill building, gained expertise while doing organisational work and strengthened the communication skill.

She noted that” NUWODU expose will enable me reach greater heights despite the barrier to communication”
I therefore thank NUWODU for a great learning, mental growth and development of my potential.



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